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Samsung GT I9060 Sim Card Jumper Solution

Samsung I9060 SIM card method to solve the problem Jumper

 Solve the following problem with the SIM card, the Samsung I9060 Galaxy Grand Neo help fill an ice or water can damage the results of which are included.
 Samsung I9060 selection Jiti SIM cards are defective or damaged will not find a solution that certain components needed for any type cast.

 If this happens, you first have signed SIM card, SIM card pin connector that is free from foreign objects and ensure oxidation. You and this solution is used to clean it first to be implemented.

 Samsung I9060 SIM card 1 solution Jiti choice.

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 SIM contacts clean and coat check.
 A multi-meter with the help of the 4 capacitors, if any, replace faulty.
 Check capacitor SIM power line. Connection, the jumper is faulty.
 Everything else, if the work does not change the child or IC IC then slowly heated SIM card fails.

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