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Polar Suite Update v3.6.1 Panda Suite Update v1.8.0 SAT Tool Update v1.5.5 Download Free 2015 Hit Update

Polar Suite Update v3.6.1
Panda Suite Update v1.8.0
SAT Tool Update v1.5.5

Official website : PolarBox Update v361 – [27-03-2015]
Link direct download : http://www.polarbox2.net/downloads/P…pdate_v361.zip

ZTE phones

Orange Lisbon SFR 551 Noir
[+] Calculation function (unlock) added for this models
[+] All firmware versions supported

IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT Alcatel phones : Erased credits from all alcatel models supported by polarbox (Phones, tablets and modemsUSB) Now all models free for all polarbox users.
Alcatel OT-4035 Alcatel OT-4136
[+] Added CALCULATIONS (unlock codes)
[+] TOTALLY all providers supported

Alcatel OT-2004 Alcatel OT-2004c Alcatel OT-3041 Alcatel OT-3042 Alcatel OT-4136 Alcatel OT-5038 Alcatel OT-5038D Alcatel OT-5138 Alcatel OT-7040 Alcatel OT-7042 Alcatel OT-7045 Alcatel OT-7047 Alcatel OT-F210 Alcatel OT-I310+
[+] Added FLASHING support for all this models
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600 bds

Other features :

Alcatel USB modem X221L
[+] Calculation function (unlock) added for this models
[+] TOTALLY all providers supported
[+] This models has been added to PandaBox module

[+] Added +742 new SecRO/Providers for complete support.
[+] Added lot of new flashfiles to Alcatel support area.
[+] Specially added for American market.
[+] If you need any other flashfile, feel free to contact us at [polarbox3@gmail.com]


132x_TMCV1_964_Firmware().zip 132x_ALEU1_964_Firmware().zip 132a_ALMX1_966_Firmware().zip 132x_ALRU1_981_Firmware().zip 132a_TGMX1_964_Firmware().zip 1010D_ALGR1_8EU_Firmware().zip 1010x_VDGR1_754_Firmware().zip 3040x_PMPT4_593_Firmware().zip 3040x_ALCZ1_591_Firmware().zip 3040x_ALEU1_54Z_Firmware().zip 3040Dx_ALFR1_64V_Firmware().zip 3040x_ALFR1_54Z_Firmware().zip 4007a_AEUY1_K1N_Firmware().zip 4007a_AVAR1_K1T_Firmware().zip 4007a_AVEC1_K1N_Firmware().zip 4007D_ALMZ1_L3U_Firmware().zip 4007D_ALRU1_L3Q_Firmware().zip 4007E_ALAU1_L1H_Firmware().zip 4007E_AVBR2_L1H_Firmware().zip 4010a_AVCO1_CBD_Firmware().zip 4010a_LDUS1_CB7_Firmware().zip 4010a_TLAR2_CBB_Firmware().zip 4030a_ALMX1_EKH_Firmware().zip 4030a_LDUS1_EK4_Firmware().zip 4030x_ALAP1_EK6_Firmware().zip 4030x_ALEU1_EK6_Firmware().zip 4030x_ALFR1_EN4_Firmware().zip 4033x_YGES1_A4X_Firmware().zip 4033a_ALUY1_A7J_Firmware().zip 4033Dx_ALFR1_CM2_Firmware().zip 4033x_ALFR1_A4Z_Firmware().zip 4033a_TGMX2_A7H_Firmware().zip 4033a_TGMX1_ABV_Firmware().zip 5035a_LDUS1_FBT_Firmware().zip 5035Dx_ALFR1_G8U_Firmware().zip 5038Ex_ALPH1_B1T_Firmware().zip 5038Dx_ALRU1_B1T_Firmware().zip 5038a_AVGT1_B23_Firmware().zip 5038a_CIJM1_B1V_Firmware().zip 7040Da_ALVN1_AQV_Firmware().zip 7040a_TLMX1_AQV_Firmware().zip 7040a_ALAU1_AQF_Firmware().zip 7040a_AVCL1_AQV_Firmware().zip 7041x_RGDO1_ASF_Firmware().zip 7042a_C9JM2_AS6_Firmware().zip 7042a_TGMX3_AS9_Firmware().zip 7042Dx_ALNP1_ASF_Firmware().zip 7042Dx_BPIN2_ASD_Firmware().zip 7045x_ALBE1_GJP_Firmware().zip 7045x_ALES1_GK7_Firmware().zip 7045x_ALRU1_GK2_Firmware().zip
Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

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